MutinyCON #3, Aug 19, 20

MutinyCon 3

AUGUST 19 & 20, 2023
10am - 5pm

Local Comics Book Creators, Auction, Trivia, Cosplay Contest

Join us for our Third Annual event. featuring Comic Book Creators, Comic Book Auction, Trivia, Cosplay, Big Back Issue Sale, and much more. This year, our event will mostly focus on Local Comic Book Creators and Artists.

Come out and support some of the brilliant homegrown talent.

Writers and Artists that have committed to attending so far:
R. Alan Brooks, Karl Christian Krumpholz, Zak Kinsella, Lonnie MF Allen, Shawn Lewis, Justin Renteria, Yves Navant , Alex Kmeto, Sean Callahan, Matt Collins, Universe Comics, Mutiny's own Zion C and moreā€¦

to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of The X-Men, The Avengers, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, etc.

The First Annual Mutiny

"Make Mine Mutiny!"

Denver, Broadway & Ellsworth Location
2 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

9am to 9pm, Sunday through Thursday
9am to 10pm, Friday & Saturday
Pinball, Photo Booth & Cereal Bar
In-Store Seating Available